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Step into a world of enchantment with LADA Productions, where the magic of pantomime comes alive like never before! For 18 years, we’ve been igniting imaginations in primary schools and community venues, leaving audiences spellbound and yearning for more.

As the trailblazers in the touring pantomime industry, we’re committed to delivering nothing short of excellence, all at prices that won’t break the bank. Our stellar reputation speaks volumes – venues across the nation clamor to rebook us year after year.

Prepare to be captivated as our interchangeable set, dazzling costumes, and enchanting special effects transport you to a realm of pure pantomime wonder. Our talented actors will whisk you away into a world of action, humour, and magic, where audience participation takes centre stage, and catchy tunes invite everyone to sing and bop along.

At LADA Productions, our shows are designed to delight audiences of all ages and backgrounds, because the magic of theatre knows no boundaries.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience – book your production now and let the enchantment begin!

Sleeping Beauty 2023

A grand celebration is underway at the royal palace to celebrate the birth of Princess Aurora. The entire kingdom is invited to join in the festivities, including a gathering of magical fairies, each bestowing a special gift upon the newborn princess. However, the merriment takes a dark turn when the wicked fairy, carabosse, crashes the party and curses Aurora to prick her finger on a spinning wheel’s spindle and fall into an eternal slumber on her 18th birthday.

Determined to protect their beloved princess, the good fairy intervenes and modifies Carabosse’s curse so that Aurora will only sleep until she receives true love’s kiss.

As the years pass, Aurora grows up within the protective walls of the castle, unaware of her destiny. With the help of her loyal companions and a dash of humour from the court jester, the quest for true love’s kiss becomes an epic adventure filled with laughter, magic, and unexpected twists.

The path to breaking the curse is fraught with obstacles as the heroes face Carabosses treacherous tricks, and as they encounter a host of colourful characters.  But love conquers all, and in a climactic showdown between good and evil, the power of true love’s kiss proves stronger than any curse.

Sleeping Beauty, is a heartwarming and hilarious retelling of the classic fairy tale, brimming with laughter, music, and spectacle. Join us as we follow Princess Aurora’s journey to awaken true love and restore the kingdom to its former glory.

Aladdin in the cave 2020
Aladdin and Princess 2020
Widow Twankey 2020

Should we face another lockdown, any streamed production will be accompanied with a live workshop with one of our actors.  The workshop will follow the the performance and can be accessed via a secure link to an online platform directly into your classroom. This will give your pupils the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the story of Puss in Boots in more depth.

– Our actors are all professional trained and are DBS checked. 

– Each pantomime contains a friendly and loveable costume character for the enjoyment of our audiences. 

– Each school class will be given a link to the show on the day and time that you have booked.

– COVID GUARANTEE – should your school or a class have to self Isolate, we will rearrage the show for another date.

– Teachers packs will be given to each school, with various activities and ideas for insiring lessons to accompany this wonderful production.

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