Lincoln Academy of Dramatic Arts
Training and Development


"I would definitely recommend this sort of fun, but challenging, approach to training to other businesses"

Sarah Steel - Managing Director, The Old Station Nursery

What Delegates have said about our work...

  • "I felt it was much easier to understand the message by seeing it played out by actors during a pleasant and relaxed session that got the message though effectively"
"You learn so much more when you use live actors"
  • "The scenes were great...very relevant to my work and the facilitator was very good"
"The scenarios portrayed were realistic to our work environment and made it easy to imagine how simple actions could escalate a situation into a major complaint"
  • "A fresh approach is always good to make you reassess your own actions and behaviour"

"A well delivered workshop that tackled a large number of issues in a small amount of time...I was delighted how well the scenarios linked into our overall business"