Lincoln Academy of Dramatic Arts
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Customer Service

All business relies on customers, for without them all we have is the product. LADA aims to empower your workforce with the tools they require to become the driving force of your business.

We all know how hard it is to establish our customer base. Yet your business maybe throwing away all of the above due to bad Customer Service. We can all remember the times and companies who we have dealt with who have given bad Customer Service. What did we say to ourselves at the time, I’m sure it was something like, “I’m not using them again” or “how many times do I have to repeat myself”? Your hairs are probably beginning to stand on end as you start to recall these moments.

In an ever increasing world were price is an object to almost everything which we buy, it is imperative that you do not to base your business on profit and margin alone. If your Customer Service is poor the amount of customers you gain on one hand will be lost through the other.

LADA asks the questions...

What can your business do to ensure that your Customer Service is the strength of your business? What can your business do to ensure that your staff are inspired, motivated and passionate about their role within the company?

We will focus on:

  • Understanding the customer
  • Understanding the customer’s journey
  • Identifying the strengths which they already have and enhance the skills which may need development.

We will ask your staff to explain ‘How important do they see their role within the company’? Most employees do not acknowledge the relevance of their role within the company or the impact of their work on the overall success of the business. We address this misconception installing value and purpose to their role.