Lincoln Academy of Dramatic Arts
Training and Development

About Training & Development

LADA’s philosophy is to enhance the development of organisations through Creative, Inspiring and Dynamic workshops and performances.

LADA understands the demands of business and pressure which are now placed upon them. We also appreciate that each business is unique and has its own objectives. LADA will tailor and create bespoke training programmes to suit the needs of your business.

In order to understand your objectives we examine:

What does the business want to achieve? What are your training needs? When do you wish to achieve your learning outcomes? When achieved, what potential does this offer the business?

What do we do?

  • LADA will examine the training which you already have in place
  • LADA will identify the strengths and weaknesses which you already have
  • LADA will develop a programme suiting your needs
  • LADA will then produce results

What is our focus?

LADA will focus on the creativity, innovation and imagination throughout your organisation. We will inspire teamwork and leadership. We will develop communication and encourage a culture of diversity. LADA recognises the potential within all. We will show you the skills to inspire individuals, giving them the techniques to create effective and sustainable change.