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Secondary School Workshops

We offer a range of workshops for secondary schools delivered by highly trained actors/workshop leaders. All our workshops can be tailor made to your school's requirements. We always alter the content of our workshops to suit different age groups from Year 7 up to A2.

The workshops listed below are not an exhaustive list so please do get in contact with us if you have any specific requests.


This workshop begins with a physical warm-up, focussing on the expressive body followed by an introduction to ‘the red nose’ as a mask and the role of the clown/fool/buffoon in performance with a mention of its place in theatre history. Following an imaginary exercise to focus the students on their ‘inner clown’ they are guided through a number of exercises and scenarios giving the students opportunities to explore and ‘play’ as their clown. Physical comedy and slapstick routines and devices are explored individualy and in groups. Throughout this session all students will all have the opportunity to watch each other and importantly observe the impact of the clown in the space. A fun, expressive and energetic workshop to develop your students mask play and physical comedy skills. Red noses will be provided!

"The students are so excited about the next workshop!"

BTEC Course Teacher

Mask Workshop

We begin with a physical warm up similar to the clowning session. This workshop explores the use of mask in performance and the requirements it places on the performer. The engaging session will develop your students' understanding of the mask’s power to evoke emotions from the audience and to communicate simultaneously with the actor’s body. The session will include some physical choral work.

"Mark ran the workshop very professionally and was easy to relate to...I enjoyed learning some new theatre skills"

GCSE Student

Introduction to Commedia dell’arte

Commedia Dell'arte is such a vast subject to cover so this session is designed to be an introduction to this important theatrical genre. The students will be introduced to the stock characters and the historical context of the Commedia troupes. The workshop remains, however, a practical session providing opportunites for the students to try out different 'Lazzi' (business) and the physical manifestations of the stock characters. Specific areas can be focussed on during to suit your learning aims - make an equiry here with your requirements.

Acting for Camera

A session focussing on the skills required to perform for camera. Using a camera and relay monitor the class will be given a number of TV scripts and explore the demands of the camera on the performer. Scripts will include both duologue and monologues. Students will observe the monitor as much as perform, as with this type of session watching is equal to doing!

"I learnt to be brave on stage and step out of my comfort zone."

A2 Student

Stage Combat

A self explanatory workshop! We will cover the basics of unarmed stage combat and work on a number of text and off-text unarmed combat routines. Students will have the opportuntity to devise their own stage fights from the numerous techniques worked on during the session. As required with a workshop of this nature, we always pay strict attention to safety on stage and ensure this is instilled in the students.

"It was fabulous Fun!"

1st Year BTEC Student

To discuss any of our workshops or to enquire about a bespoke package click here to make an equiry