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Anti Bulling Week 2009

'Move Over Bullies!' - We're Making a Dramatic Difference!

National Anti-Bullying week 16th - 20th November 2009

National Anti-Bullying week is an excellent opportunity to tackle the important issues and potential impact of bullying and discrimination.

Our interactive and engaging drama based workshops are designed to stimulate discussion and empower your students to understand the different areas of bullying and discrimination.

"LADA are professional in their manner, are happy to work alongside the students and are flexible in order that they suit each particular group" Course Leader, Newark College

All our workshops are run by trained and skilled actors/workshop facilitators who have CRB screening. We create a fully bespoke package to suit your specific aims and help you achieve your goals.

We are able to deliver upto 3 workshops in one day.

Cyber Bullying Performance Workshop - 90 mins

Watch, Communicate and Learn!

An engaging and interactive workshop using live performance and drama based devices to explore this year's theme of Cyber Bullying.

Two trained and experienced actors/facilitators will perform two engaging scenes that involve young people being affected by Cyber Bullying. Each script is treated with a discussion of the issues raised in the scene followed by forum theatre devices in which students are invited to 'role play' in the scene to resolve/pacify the situation.

Through facillitator led discussion, the students are invited to discuss areas of online bullying. A strong focus is made on empathising with the resons behind bullying and understanding the need to respect each other's individuality. Alongside this focus the session will highlight the safety issues of online communication - firmly establishing an understaning that there is a real person on the other end and if you wouldn't say it face to face you shouldn't put it in an email, blog or online message!

We are flexible...the subject matter of the scripts can be tailored to cover bullying issues that have been identified by your school to increase the relevance for your students.

"They ran the workshop very professionally and was easy to relate to...I enjoyed learning!"

GCSE Student

Improvisation Workshop - 90 mins

Let your students speak!

This thought provoking workshop uses dynamic exercises and role play scenarios devised by the students from their own experiences.

Through exploration excercises the facilitators invite the students to sensitively establish the many areas of bullying on and offline and the ways in which bullying may manifest itself, from the subtle to the severe. This workshop is an opportunity to widen the students' understanding of bullying and discrimination and to enlighten them to the impact it causes.

Scenes and situations will be played out by the students in an improvised manner to provoke discussion and deepen understanding. Using current/topical characterisations and situations, the students will find they are able to relate to the messages being communicated and will leave engaged and enlightened.

"I felt it was much easier to understand the message by seeing it played out by actors during a pleasant and relaxed session that got the message though effectively"


Themes and Games Workshop - 60 mins

Explore and Respond!

A shorter, yet explosive, workshop led by one actor/tutor. The session involves exercises and games focusing on the themes and feelings evoked from bullying. This workshop intends to develop empathy and understanding of individuality by empowering the students to creatively express moments.

The students are led through exercises in groups and individually which explore the feelings the bullying evokes (both as the bully and the bullied). Questions are raised during the workshop such as why do we bully? Why do we allow ourselves to be bullied? How does either side make us feel?

Using theatrical forms the students will work on communicating these issues through physicality and the spoken word. The workshop intends to develop personal expression and individuality whilst strengthening the students empathetic side.

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